Cooling Water

Cooling Water

Our Cooling water programs and mode of operation are based on best practice according to Public Health Guidelines (relevant to each state or territory) and in accordance with AS3666. We have a diverse range of cooling water multifunctional scale and corrosion inhibitors or for specific control specific scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors. Biocides include a wide range of oxidising and non oxidising biocides that are proven to control microbiological activity. Our cooling water treatment strategy is based on sound microbial control which ensures excellent scale, corrosion and fouling control.
As part of maintaining the highest standards we always advise the following:
  • Conduct a thorough plant survey to understand not only the tower but also the associated pipework, heat exchangers, water source, heat loads etc.
  • Conduct a risk assessment initially (and then annually) and eliminate high risk factors where possible
  • Dual biocide treatment (oxidising and non-oxidising),
  • Oxidising dosage usually based on ORP control
  • Automatic bleed control, and control of chemicals as recommended by AS3666
  • Bio-dispersant dosing (incorporated in chemistry is acceptable)
  • Modem communication with controller and operation where water treatment control is considered high risk e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, landmark buildings, manufacturing facilities and shopping centres
  • Consider side stream filtration in dirty environments or increase cleaning frequency
  • Monitor and control water chemistry and microbiological activity regularly
  • Tower cleaning by qualified and experienced personnel
  • Service by qualified and trained service engineers
Cooling Water

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IH2OM have a range of standard and custom built controllers to suit any application. In order to ensure cooling water control and plant performance is enhanced it may be necessary to upgrade the following:

Dosing controller

Dosing pump

Side stream filtratio