Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Integrated Water Management iH2OM has extensive experience in wastewater treatment through its multidisciplined team of engineers and scientists. Our philosophy is always to understand our clients process through our CSE Approach ( Chemical, Service, Engineering). We conduct a detailed plant survey outlining existing chemistry, service, hydraulic loading, effluent contaminants, pre-treatment screening , balancing and processes in place for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. We carefully review discharge licences and discharge results to understand historical trends. We also have a close look at process control, pH control, polymer dilution systems, instrumentation, dosing equipment , sludge dewatering equipment. By utilizing our CSE approach we find that we understand wastewater operations more comprehensively and are able to provide more value to our clients.
iH2OM carefully review chemistry before recommending any change with the objective of ensuring reliable, cost effective performance .
Our experience in wastewater treatment covers all industry sectors including:
  • Municipal (sewerage)
  • Food and Beverage- vegetable, Dairy, Poultry and Meat processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste Management Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metals and Mining


We have an extensive range of Inorganic, Organic and Blended organic coagulants that have applications in wastewater treatment for DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation), Clarification, Construction Dewatering, Iron removal, Phosphate reduction, oil and grease removal, emulsified oil removal, paint treatment, starch removal.

Single Step / One Shot Watewater

iH2OM has developed a range of specialty chemical treatment for difficult to treat wastewater. Our single step waste water treatments are designed to coagulate, flocculate and treat difficult waste water streams in a fast and cost effective manner we guarantee to outperform any products in the market for these applications. This type of treatment is used in Paint manufacturing wash waters, oily water treatment, cardboard corrugator treatment, equipment washdown, phosphate removal systems, plating treatment, metal working coolants .

Flocculants or Polymers (GRAS and NON GRAS)

iH2OM has a complete range of wastewater flocculants both in powdered and liquid form that can be used for waste water treatment in DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation), Clarification, Construction Dewatering, Iron removal, Phosphate reduction, oil and grease removal, emulsified oil removal, paint treatment, starch removal. We have a complete range of structured and partially structured flocculants designed for sludge dewatering for high shear applications like centrifuges, belt presses and filter presses. For applications where sludge may be dewatered and sent back into the food chain we has GRAS ( Generally Regarded As Safe) polymers on our ranges

Antifoams (Food grade and Non Food Grade)

iH2OM has a complete range of antifoams for all wastewater applications ranging from silicon based , fatty alcohol based to wax based antifoams that have efficacy in most waste primary wastewater applications, paper and processing, and biological systems

Enzymes and bacterial additives to enhance biological activity

iH2OM has enzymes and bacteria based products that are designed to work specifically to enhance biological activity and enhance degradation of organic materials in traditional wastewater systems where correct condition prevail. We also have a range of products that are catered for anaerobic and aerobic conditions to assist in promotion of biological activity to assist in overall plant performance.

Emulsion Breakers

We have a range of heavy duty emulsion breakers design to remove oil contaminants from heavily polluted waste streams like bunker oil that operate at low and high temperatures

PpH Correction Chemistries

We have a range of acids and alkalis that can be used for pH correction in waste water treatment applications. We have sodium, potassium and magnesium based alkali solutions and have a number of different acid solutions at our disposal depending on the circumstances.

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